Recycled Button and Bead Charm Bracelet

November 9, 2007

I’ve been thinking about putting together more bracelets for a while. I’ve been putting it off because the cost of silver has been steadily going up for the past few months. I finally bit the bullet and ordered some silver supplies. Once I ordered them I just couldn’t wait to get started, so I pulled out some broken chains and made them into bracelets that would fit my wrist.

I rummaged through my button collections, my orphaned beads, and my findings. One of a kind buttons and beads are great for making unique one of a kind charm bracelets.  Except for the jump rings, glass leaves (above) and toggle clasp (above), all of the raw materials are second hand.  

I made two bracelets. The one above is very colorful and fun. The one below is more subtle and delicate looking. I love them both. 

Christmas is coming up quick. I’m thinking about putting together an informal workshop with some of my friends. The bracelets would make great gifts for our girls.

18 Responses to “Recycled Button and Bead Charm Bracelet”

  1. I just listed a couple bracelets on eBay under the id perpetualplum. It usually take quite a few hours for my auctions to start showing up.

  2. I moved the bracelets to my etsy shop. I’m adding more items to etsy because they specialize in handmade items.

  3. Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that I’m talking about button jewelry in Beading Daily tomorrow (November 28) and featuring a link to your bracelet as an example.

  4. Thank you very much. I just checked out your site…very nice. I’ll add your link.

  5. Pat de Verre Says:

    Great idea and very nice result. Congratulations all your work and your website. A french fan.

  6. I’ve recently done a couple of bracelet and earring sets. They are listed on my Etsy site. Just look under my user name itsacharmedlife. They are fun to do and fun to look at! I love the two shown also, how did you attach the buttons on the colorful one? I used jumprings. Thanks for some new ideas!

  7. Phyllis Kohnke Says:

    Wow! I’ve been wondering what to do with that big can of buttons my Mom collected. I have some beauties and I’ll soon be wearing them.
    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  8. Thank you. It’s really great to know people are reading my blog.

    I used jump rings to attach buttons on both bracelets. I’ve done wire wrapping too. I guess it depends on how you want the button and baubles to move on the bracelet.

  9. Ivan Says:

    Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back😉

  10. Marsha Says:

    Love your ideas, thank you for sharing. Have a Happy Christmas. Best Wishes for the New Year.

  11. Thank you. Stop in anytime and say hi.

  12. Button jewelry can be a lot of fun and you’ve done well with it. This is weird, but my family was in the plastic button business while I was growing up. They manufactured and designed new buttons. When a new design was put into production, they named the style of button and sometimes these were named after family members. So, there is a Karen Button and you have one on your Recycled Button Bracelet – the pink one with the swirls. I am amazed to find it here. Also, I no longer have any of these. So, should you have more of this style button, I’d be interested in obtaining one or more. Do you have more? Hope to hear from you –

  13. I’ll look through my buttons and see if I have one in a different color. I have a lot of buttons of that vintage.

    I love the story.

  14. horatia wimpole Says:

    A friend of mine was wearing some gorgeous button earrings yesterday which she’d made herself: 3 1cm mother of pearl blue buttons, linked by giant jump rings and finished off with a french (fishook) earwire

  15. calico Says:

    I know this is in response to an old post, but I recently became interested in how to use buttons for jewelry. I can see how to use the buttons with holes in them, but can you make earrings oout of buttons that have a ring on the back. Would love any info on this. Thanks so much.

  16. I think you can make earrings out of anything you want. I’ve clipped off the back rings on some buttons to make into jewelry. I’ve also left the rings on. It all depends on whether I can get the front of the button to display prominently or not.

    You have so many options I’m not sure where to begin. It all depends on the look you’re trying to acheive. You can also glue the button inside a upholstery button cover. They also make earring blanks with discs on the end for gluing findings.

    I have blog posts for jewelry made using both of the methods above

    I use Aleene’s Jewel-It or Gem-Tac. Many people use E-6000.

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