“Pretty Bird” An Altered Rummikub Game Piece Pendant on Copper Necklace

February 4, 2008

I finished up my Pretty Bird necklace yesterday and listed last night on etsy.

I had made 6 sets of the copper wire wrapped spiral beads. I still had copper chain that I bought from Beads By Evelyn, and plenty of recycled paper I bought from Julia Garretson. I decided to recycle, reuse and repurpose by taking the copper spiral necklace that I used for making the chimp necklace and add a different kind of pendant. The “Pretty Bird” pendant above is made with an altered Rummikub® game piece.

The Rummikub® game piece is attached to the necklace via two wire wrapped bails. If you look at the front of the pendant you can see that I embellished the pendant with a flower charm.  The charm is attached through one of the bails.

Above is the finished mixed media necklace. The birds are a cockatoo and a lovebird…at least it looks like a lovebird. I definitely love the turquoise blue and copper color combination. It is a “pretty bird” indeed!

2 Responses to ““Pretty Bird” An Altered Rummikub Game Piece Pendant on Copper Necklace”

  1. chick taylor Says:

    just caem across your blog when seraching for a lovebird pic…
    wow this is a beautiful peice
    well done!!!
    michelle in newcastle ,england.xx

  2. […] Make them into journals, too, glue a jump ring onto a game piece or alter it extensively for a jewelry pendant or key fob, cut strategic holes in them and mount them as photo […]

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