My Own Economic Stimulus Package 30% Off Etsy Shop

March 7, 2009

Thinking Pink Altered Button and Bead Charm Bracelet

As I was driving to my kickboxing class this morning I was listening to the radio.  As usual I heard all the bad news about the economy, the rising unemployment, the housing crisis, and the new stimulus package.  For the second day in a row I heard that the recession is a consumer driven recession.   We’re all in a panic over the economy, so we’re holding tight to our money. 

Unique Copper Chimpanzee Necklace and Earring Set

I thought about what someone like me could do for the economy.  My husband and I have purposely not carried much debt for quite a few years, long before we started hearing talk about the economy.   As long as we’ve been together (17 years) we have always paid our credit cards off every month.  We have had a few loans, but in the last few years, the only loans we carry are on personal and business real estate.  We aren’t likely to get a loan on any other personal property.

Red Letter Day Mixed Media Found Object Necklace

However, I do have a couple of etsy shops and a paypal account.   I have a hobby business that allows me to keep honing my design skills while I take care of my kids at home.  I keep thinking that someday I will go back to work, either in my own business or for someone else.  When I get some extra money in my paypal account, I go out and spend it on something I’ve always wanted.  I want to do a bit more.

My etsy prices are quite low, but I thought for a few weeks I could try doing a sale.  I’m going to do a 30% off bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry sets  in my Unique Re-tiques etsy shop for the month of March.  Everything in the shop is handmade.  I haven’t been listing much because business has been slow.  Every time something sells, I’m going to list a new item.  If I sell something, I’m going to try to buy another handmade item.

Someone once asked me if I thought one person could make a significant change.  I said I didn’t think one person could make a make a significant change, but  one person could start a movement that can make a change.   I don’t want to be the one who is causing the “consumer-driven” economic slowdown.  I’d rather be one of the people that helped turned the economy around. 

How about you?

4 Responses to “My Own Economic Stimulus Package 30% Off Etsy Shop”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Good point…. I guess we are all in “survivor mode”!!
    Great post!

  2. KudzuKween Says:

    Monkeys! Cute! I’m loving the red….

  3. […] behind and the techniques in creating her amazing recycled-components jewelry, such as these button bracelets, to be so helpful in starting my own little crafty sparks burning […]

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